10th International Announcement of Opportunity for HAYABUSA Sample Investigation

Sample Catalogs and Information

Catalogs of samples available at 10th AO

Before you choose samples for your investigation plan, please refer information of the current sample number.

The Sample Catalog will be enhanced and will serve better in future research opportunities as increasing analysis results are returned from the Investigators. The Sample Information Sheet shows the minimum information that must be provided to the Curator upon completion of an investigation.

**Note: Origin of category 3 particles, mainly composed of carbon, is uncertain and is still under investigation. So far, there are no signatures for extraterrestrial origin of them. Please refer following information of the preliminary examination of category 3 particles, if you intend to submit applications for category 3 particles.

EPS Special issue: Science of solar system materials examined from Hayabusa and future missions (open access)

Ito et al., (2014) 66:91
Uesugi et al., (2014) 66:102
Yabuta et al., (2014) 66:156

Summary sheets of preliminary examination

Further information of Hayabusa-returned samples and results of investigations are available in Hayabusa sample library web page.