Sample list

Sample name Status Date Size Category Phase label
RA-QD02-0091 Curation SG05c012013130 um3CO,Si,Cl-
RA-QD02-0182 Curation SG05b712010646 um3CNO,NaCl,KCl-
RA-QD02-0183 Curation SG05b412010638 um3CNO,KCl,NaCl-
RA-QD02-0222 Curation SG05b9120106121 um3(C,O),lpx-
RA-QD02-0318 Curation SG05g817042748.4 um3C,Fe,Si,Al,Mg-
RA-QD02-0450 Curation SG05h218052838.9 um3C,O,KCl,NaCl-
RA-QD02-0451 Curation SG05h319052833.8 um3C,O,N,NaCl,KCl-
RA-QD02-0452 Curation SG05h419052834.0 um3C,O,Al,Mg,NaCl,KCl-
RA-QD02-0576 Curation SG05h719103043.4 um3C,F,O,Al,Ca,Mg-
RB-CV-0005 Curation SG05c612101637 um3C,NaCl-
RB-CV-0006 Curation SG05c712101627.9 um3(C,N,O),C-
RB-CV-0007 Curation SG05c812101643.1 um3(C,N,O)-
RB-CV-0012 Curation SG05d112101673.2 um3(C,O),(C,N,O)-
RB-CV-0017 Curation SG05d212101651.7 um3(C,N,O),(C,O)-
RB-CV-0019 Curation SG05d412101632.6 um3C,(C,N,O)-
RB-CV-0020 Curation SG05d912101668.6 um3(C,O)-
RB-CV-0021 Curation SG05h612101649.3 um3CO-
RB-CV-0027 Curation SG05d512110759 um3(C,N,O)-
RB-CV-0032 Curation SG05d712110759 um3(C,N,O)-
RB-CV-0035 Curation SG05d812110725 um3(C,N,O),NaCl,hpx-
RB-CV-0041 Curation SG05e112111449 um3(C,O),(C,N,O),NaCl-
RB-CV-0049 Curation SG05e512111537 um3(C,N,O)-
RB-CV-0052 Curation SG05e212111540 um3(C,O),Cl-
RB-CV-0055 Curation SG05e312111545 um3(C,N,O),Al-
RB-CV-0065 Curation SG05e612120533 um3(C,N,O)-
RB-CV-0066 Curation SG05e712120529 um3(C,N,O),NaCl-
RB-CV-0068 Curation SG05f212120555 um3(C,N,O),ol-
RB-CV-0074 Curation SG05f312120526 um3(C,N,O),NaCl,Al-
RB-CV-0077 Curation SG05e8121205100 um3(C,N,O)-
RB-CV-0078 Curation SG05f1121205208 um3(C,O)-
RB-CV-0239 Curation SG05g4 15 um3C, NaCl, Al-
RB-CV-0243 Curation SG05g5 10 um3(C,N,O)-
RB-CV-0259 Curation SG05g016021730 um3C-
RB-CV-0261 Curation SG05g616042626.9 um3C, O, N-
RB-QD04-0035 Curation SG05a8upper12010659 um3(C,N,O),NaCl,KCl-
(parent : RB-QD04-0037.pdf )
Curation SG05b112010615 um3(C,N,O)-
(parent : RB-QD04-0047.pdf )
Curation SG05b312010666 um3--
RB-QD04-0048 Curation SG05c512010656 um3(C,O)-
RB-QD04-0078 Curation SG05d312051719 um3(C,O),ol-
RC-MD01-0007 Curation SG05g917072147.7 um3C,O,N-
RC-MD01-0008 Curation SG05h017072153.9 um3C,O,N-
RX-MD03-0044 Curation SG05h118122541.7 um3C,O,Cl,Na,Mg-
RX-MD03-0103 Curation SG05h519072640.3 um3NaCl,C,N,O,ol.lpx-

43 hits

transfer history
Analytical methods applied to each particle
SG??xx:name of the slide glass sample holder (??) and address on the slide glass (xx) at curation center
glovebox2:Glove box storage at curation center
N2-SP3:N2 desiccator storage at curation center
DSLG:dimple slide glass
PS : polished section
PB : potted butt of TEM mold
UTS : Ultra thin section
UM : Ultramicrotome
FIB : Focused Ion Beam
CONSUMED:consumed during initial analysis (not available)
BROKEN:broken into several pieces unexpectedly (not available)
DIVIDED:sliced or divided in initial analysis (not available)
(Others)provided to analysis (currently not available)

  1. particles showing only ferromagnesian silicate compositions
  2. particles showing ferromagnesian silicate and other mineral such as metals, sulfides and oxides etc.
  3. particles showing mainly carbon (not available)
  4. particles possible artificial material compositions such as Al, quartz glass, stainless steel and etc. (not available)
Determined by SEM at Curation facility or determined by preliminary examinations (with [ ] ).

ol: olivine, lpx: low calcium pyroxene, hpx: high calcium pyroxene,
pl: plagioclase, fld: feldspar,
chm: chromite, ap: apatite
PE : provided to preliminary examinations
AO?_ : provided to International AO
NASA? : provided to NASA AO
CO : Samples allocated to JAXA for consortium study
CU1 : Samples allocated to JAXA's research
CU2 : Samples allocated to JAXA for opening to public
CAT3 : provided to preliminaly examinations for category 3
EXTRA : Extra particles unexpectedly found on sample holders
RENAMED : renamed to RA or RB particle name
ND : no data
NI : not identified. The particle might lost
NOSEM : No SEM data for initial description