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DAY-1 (Nov. 14) AM
No.Presentation titleCorresponding author
S11-01Update of the initial descriptions and distributions of individual Ryugu samples and preparation for curation of OSIRIS-REx returned samplesT. Yada
S11-02The Direct Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) - Preliminary FindingsO. Barnouin
S11-03Radiolytic solar wind water in rims on an Itokawa regolith grainJ. Bradley
S11-04Importance of Material Properties on the Thermal Evolution Models of Parent BodiesJ. Hallstrom
S11-05Molecular descriptors for dictating the aqueous-alteration-induced organic decomposition in carbonaceous chondrites and return sample from Ryugu asteroidY. Li
S11-06The reproduction experiment of radial pyroxene chondrules using aerodynamic levitator furnace in a reduced conditionT. Morita

DAY-1 (Nov. 14) PM
No.Presentation titleCorresponding author
S12-01Curation Challenges Associated with the Apollo Next Generation Sample Analysis ProgramR. Ziegler
S12-02Sample Return and Preliminary Examination Processes for the OSIRIS-REx MissionA. Polit
S12-03Coordinated Thermal and Physical Analysis of OSIRIS-REx Samples of Asteroid BennuA. Ryan
S12-04Contamination monitoring of the OSIRIS-REx ISO5 asteroid sample cleanroomK. Righter
S12-05A study of the curation protocol by sample analysis working team (SAWT) in Martian Moons eXploration (MMX) projectR. Fukai
S12-06Bridging the gap - linking remote sensing, in-situ and laboratory spectroscopyA. Maturilli
S12-07An infrared look at Ryugu returned samples in the meteorite/asteroid perspectiveR. Brunetto
S12-08P-rich compounds within the Ryugu sample collection: a perspective from joint MicrOmega/Curation, the OU and Phase2 Kochi curation activitiesC. Pilorget
S12-09Overviews of the Hayabusa2 mission and its integrated scienceS. Watanabe

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DAY-2 (Nov. 15) AM
No.Presentation titleCorresponding author
S21-01MMX samples curation in EuropeE. Bonato
S21-02Can SIMS measurements constrain the D/H ratio of water on Ryugu?L. Nittler
S21-03Pentlandite: A Compositional Indicator of Oxygen Fugacity for ChondritesD. Schrader
S21-041H and 13C Solid state Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy of an HCl extracted Ryugu C0002 particleG. Cody
S21-05Oxygen isotope analyses of magnetite in RyuguN. Kita
S21-06Magnetite and non-magnetite framboids in Ryugu sampleY. Kimura
S21-07Nitrization of magnetite on the surface of C-type asteroid RyuguT. Matsumoto
S21-08Neutron Capture 36Cl in Ryugu SamplesK. Nishiizumi

DAY-2 (Nov. 15) PM
No.Presentation titleCorresponding author
S22-01Lithological variation of asteroid Ryugu samples returned by the Hayabusa2 spacecraft: Assessment from the 18 particles distributed to the initial analysis “Stone” teamT. Mikouchi
S22-02Non-destructive analysis of C-type asteroid Ryugu using negative Muon: Determination of bulk chemistry of Ryugu samplesK. Terada
S22-03Chondrule-like objects and CAIs in asteroid Ryugu: Earlier generations of chondrulesD. Nakashima
S22-04GEMS-like material from asteroid Ryugu regolithH. Ishii
S22-05Zinc, copper and calcium isotopic composition of Ryugu’s samplesF. Moynier
S22-06Molybdenum and Osmium isotopic compositions of Ryugu sampleN. Nakanishi
S22-07Ryugu’s volatiles investigated using stepped combustion and EGA methodsA. Verchovsky
S22-08Defect microstructure of pyrrhotite in regolith material returned from C-type asteroid 162173 Ryugu – evidence for shock metamorphismF. Langenhorst
S22-09Chemical heterogeneity of insoluble organic matter in Ryugu grainsE. Quirico
S22-10Properties of the asteroid Bennu’s surface based on contact measurements and their implicationsD. Scheeres
S22-11Formation of Moons and Equatorial Ridge around Top-shaped Asteroids after Surface Landslide: Applications to asteroids Ryugu, Bennu, Didymos, and moreR. Hyodo
S22-12Yarkovsky-Driven Orbital Migration of Asteroid Ryugu: Implications for its Collisional History and Source FamilyM. Kanamaru
S22-13The ESA Hera mission: detailed investigation of the NASA DART impact outcome and characterization of the binary asteroid DidymosP. Michel
S22-14The ANIME mission and beyond: SmallSat exploration of near-Earth asteroidsD. Perna

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DAY-3 (Nov. 16) AM
No.Presentation titleCorresponding author
S31-01The Physical Properties of Carbonaceous AsteroidsD. Britt
S31-02New theoretical results on asteroid regolith specific heat, cohesion and heat transfer, and a revisit of comet 67P surface strengthJ. Biele
S31-03Comparison of Thermal Inertia between Ryugu Sample and Carbonaceous ChondritesT. Ishizaki
S31-04Thermal properties of asteroid Ryugu from global, local, and micro-scale observations and the possible formation and evolution scenario of RyuguT. Okada
S31-05Evidence of Permafrost Processes in C-Asteroid RegolithsM. Zolensky
S31-06Modeling of aqueous alteration in the parent body of the asteroid RyuguA. Tsuchiyama
S31-07Chemical abundances in Ryugu, nugget effect, and cosmic compositionN. Dauphas

DAY-3 (Nov. 16) PM
No.Presentation titleCorresponding author
S32-01Abundance and properties of Ryugu diffuse organic matterR. Stroud
S32-02Sulfur-XANES of intact Ryugu grains and the isolated IOMH. Suga
S32-03Investigating the noble gas and nitrogen relationship between Ryugu and other carbonaceous chondritesB. Marty
S32-04Nitrogen isotopes in Ryugu return samples revealed by the stepwise combustion analysis, in comparison with CI falls and Antarctic findsK. Hashizume
S32-05Visible to near-Infrared spectrophotometry of C0002 powder samples of asteroid 162173 Ryugu in comparison with ONC-T and NIRS3 instruments onboard Hayabusa2 spacecraftT. Hiroi
S32-06Reflectance spectrum of Ryugu grains and their acid-extracted residues in the UV–VIS rangeK. Yumoto
S32-07Nano-infrared spectroscopy of Ryugu samples using AFM-IR measurementV. Phan
S32-08Multi-scale variations of the ~2.7µm feature in Ryugu samples, observed by MicrOmegaT. Pivert-Jolivet
S32-09Organics in Ryugu samples, from MicrOmega and FTIR analyses within the ISAS curation facilityJ. -P. Bibring
S32-10MicrOmega detections of carbonates in Ryugu returned samples within the Hayabusa 2 JAXA Extraterrestrial Curation CenterD. Loizeau
S32-11Oxygen and carbon isotope compositions of Ryugu’s carbonates: Constraints on the conditions of aqueous alterationW. Fujiya
S32-12Extraterrestrial Amino Acids and Amines Identified in Asteroid Ryugu Samples Returned by the Hayabusa2 MissionE. Parker
S32-13Carbon dust, from the ISM to the Solar SystemE. Dartois

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Poster Presentation

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No.Presentation titleCorresponding author
P-01Utilizing Chemical Optical Sensor Technology to Assess Oxygen Permeability of Candidate Asteroid Regolith Sample ContainersC. Snead
P-02Space Resources – From the Moon to Near-Earth Asteroids and BackD. Harries
P-03Formation processes of spherulitic magnetite in the Ryugu samplesE. Dobrica
P-04The Aguas Zarcas breccia - similarities to surface features of C-type asteroids Ryugu and BennuI. Kerraouch
P-05An Astromaterial Curation Facility at MNHN-Paris, the National Center for Extraterrestrial MaterialJ. Duprat
P-06Distinct ages and temperatures of aqueous activities recorded in Ryugu samplesK. Nagashima
P-07Elastic property of Ryugu samples collected at the second touch-down siteK. Onodera
P-08Slickenside as a record of shock metamorphism on asteroid RyuguM. Miyahara
P-09Spectral variations in serpentine and saponite 2.7 μm band due to heating under vacuumS. Sidhu
P-10Mn/Cr relative sensitivity factors of SIMS determined for synthetic Mn-, Cr-, and Fe-bearing dolomitesS. Sugawara
P-11Winchcombe CM2 meteorite fall 2021 – first results of systematic LASER Raman SpectroscopyV. Hoffmann
P-12Asteroids as Localized Rocks with Mixed and Less ActivityY. Miura
P-13Grains to Press: Outreach ideas for sharing analysis results from the Ryugu sampleE. Tasker
P-14TOF-SIMS analysis of macromolecular organic matter in Ryugu samplesM. Hashiguchi
P-15Continuing preparations for NASA curation of the OSIRIS-REx asteroid sampleN. Lunning

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