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DAY-1 (Nov. 15) AM
No.Presentation titleCorresponding author
S11-02Overview of S-type asteroid Itokawa, based on the studies on samples returned by HayabusaT. Yada [Invited]
S11-03Summary of Hayabusa2 and Status of JAXA curationT. Usui [Invited]
S11-04Future perspective of sampling and curation for extraterrestrial materials in JAXA’s small body explorationR. Fukai [Invited]
S11-05Updates on OSIRIS-REx: Return journey to Earth and the sample from BennuS. Tachibana [Invited]
S12-01Developing European Curation for MMX SamplesA. Hutzler
S12-02The DLR Sample Analysis Laboratory – the final countdownJ. Helbert
S12-03Curation of Extraterrestrial samples in France and the future center for extraterrestrial materials in ParisJ. Duprat
S12-04Mars Sample Return: curation activities and planningA. Hutzler
S12-05Mars Sample Return: Considerations for the Curation of Astromaterials from a Restricted PlanetA. Harrington [Invited]

DAY-1 (Nov. 15) PM
No.Presentation titleCorresponding author
S13-01 Fostering future missions and curation: fine-particle simulant characterization for a lunar highland testbed (ESA, European Astronaut Centre - EAC)A. Zemeny
S13-02Nanoscale infrared characterization (AFM-IR) of Ryugu samples returned by the Hayabusa 2 space missionJ. Mathurin [Invited]
S13-03Sampling and curation of volatile elements in the new era of sample return missionsG. Avice [Invited]
S13-04Machine Learning Data Analyses for Asteroid and Micrometeorite SamplesL. Pinault
S13-05Characterization of Mg-Fe carbonates in the Ryugu returned samples with MicrOmegaD. Loizeau
S13-06 Heterogeneity of Ryugu samples due to space weathering effects: near-infrared spectroscopy and fitting analysisS. Furukawa
S14-01NH-rich grains detected by MicrOmega in the Ryugu returned samplesT. Jiang
S14-02Nanoscale spectroscopic and microscopic investigation of Ryugu samplesM. Yesiltas
S14-03Spectroscopic Evidence of Parent Body Aqueous Alteration on Ryugu Sample A0112A. Maturilli
S14-04Nitrogen, neon, and argon analysis of a single Ryugu grain by step-heatingJ. Gamblin
S14-05Chemical composition and variability of Ryugu samples, CI chondrites and Kainsaz (CO3) assessed by quadrupole ICP-MS analysesF. Wombacher
S14-06The mineralogy of asteroid Ryugu and its relationship to highly altered extraterrestrial materialsA. King [Invited]

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DAY-2 (Nov. 16) AM
No.Presentation titleCorresponding author
S21-01Phosphorus, Calcium, and Sulfur in Two Ryugu SamplesG. Flynn
S21-02Paleomagnetic Evidence for Formation of Ryugu in the Distal Solar SystemE. Mansbach
S21-03 Experimental Constraints on the Concentration of Dirac Magnetic Monopoles in Primordial Material returned from Asteroid Ryugu by JAXA’s Hayabusa2 MissionJ. Kirschvink
S21-04Electron holography observation of presudo-magnetites and metallic iron nanoparticles in space weathered Ryugu sampleY. Kimura
S21-05Characterization Of Early Solar System Aqueous Fluids In Ryugu SamplesM. Zolensky
S22-01Three-dimensional description and characterization of lithologies in Ryugu sampleL. Jossé
S22-02Size distribution and elemental compositions of anhydrous minerals in the Ryugu samples C0224 and C0260: Implications for radial transport mechanism and source regions of anhydrous mineralsD. Nakashima
S22-03Microstructural and microchemical characteristics of dolomite in Ryugu regolith particlesF. Langenhorst
S22-04Investigating the ammonium-bearing phase in Ryugu samplesM. Ferrari
S22-05 Speciation of various elements using scanning transmission/fluorescnece X-ray microscopy (STXM/SFXM) and bulk XANES analysis related to aqueous environment in the Ryugu parent bodyY. Takahashi [Invited]

DAY-2 (Nov. 16) PM
No.Presentation titleCorresponding author
S23-01Investigating the organic compounds in the asteroid RyuguI. Kerraouch
S23-02Constraining Ryugu’s earliest fluid composition by the analyses of phosphatesN. Greber
S23-03Interpreting the thermal alteration history from organic matter in Ryugu samplesQ. Chan
S23-04 First direct detection of large aromatic molecules on asteroid (162173) Ryugu sample C0083 and A00145: an interstellar heritageH. Sabbah
S23-05FIB Tomography-STXM-TEM on organic material from Hayabusa-2 grain A0083H. Changela
S23-06New view on the paleomagnetic record of samples from asteroid RyuguC. Maurel

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DAY-3 (Nov. 17) AM
No.Presentation titleCorresponding author
S31-01Cosmogenic Radionuclide Records of Hayabusa Aggregate and Particle SamplesK. Nishiizumi
S31-02Noble Gases of the 1st and 2nd AO Ryugu Samples Collected by the Hayabusa2 SpacecraftK. Nagao
S31-03Insights into Early Solar System Isotopic Reservoirs Inferred from RyuguQ. Shollenberger
S31-04Nickel isotopic composition of Ryugu and the link between CI and other carbonaceous chondritesT. Kleine
S31-05The magnesium isotope composition of samples returned from asteroid RyuguM. Bizzarro [Invited]
S32-01Oxygen isotope systematics of crystalline silicates in comet Wild 2: Comparison to anhydrous minerals in Ryugu and CI chondritesN. Kita
S32-02Oxygen isotopic composition of dolomite in Ryugu: New insights into the thermal history of the Ryugu parent bodyW. Fujiya
S32-03Numerical Simulation of Ryugu's Thermophysical Properties using the Discrete Element MethodB. Agrawal
S32-04Defect and exsolution microstructures in four pyroxene-rich grains from ItokawaF. Langenhorst
S32-05Asteroid Itokawa … but when did form exactly?F. Jourdan

DAY-3 (Nov. 17) PM
No.Presentation titleCorresponding author
S33-01Characterization of a mass movement site in Bennu’s Bralgah Crater and implications for other asteroidsY. Tang
S33-02Photometry of Ryugu and SCI crater as inferred by ONC imagesA. Longobardo
S33-03The shape distributions of sub-mm-sized impact experiment fragments from Allende meteoriteT. Michikami
S33-04Spectral characterization of (98943) 2001 CC21, fly-by target of Hayabusa2#D. Perna
S33-05Asteroid (142) Polana at 3 µm and its Connection to Primitive Near-Earth AsteroidsD. Takir
S33-06Unveiling dark objects in Solar System: grain size effects on the infrared spectrum of mineral mixtures in presence of opaque componentsG. Poggiali
S34-01Investigating the effects of space weathering in Ryugu samples using coordinated microanalysesL. Melendez
S34-02Impact-induced melting and fragmentation of C-type asteroid regolith inferred from impact craters on a large Ryugu sampleC. Hamann
S34-03Temporal variability of thermal-cycling induced fracturing in chondritesN. Latsia
S34-04CALICO – an ESA M7 proposal to Explore Dwarf Planet CeresA. Hagermann
S34-05Next Generation small body Sample Return mission: a concept study for a future Japanese mission to a cometH. Kurokawa [Invited]
S34-06Intermediate bodies of Asteroids and the Moon from an Earth 3GMS modelY. Miura

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Poster Presentation

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No.Presentation titleCorresponding author
P-01Chrome-spinel in Hayabusa particles: Recorders of Asteroid Itokawa's thermal historyJ. Davidson
P-02Coordinated Analyses of Hayabusa particles RB-CV-0234, RB-QD04-0039, and RA-QD02-0310: Constraints on asteroid Itokawa formation from sulfides and silicatesD. Schrader
P-03Are there 100s of ppm water in nominally anhydrous minerals of non-carbonaceous asteroids?D. Harries
P-04 Development of Nondestructive X-ray CT Imaging Techniques to Identify and Locate Presolar Grains in Meteorite Sample Jbilet with Application to Ryugu SamplesD. Shulaker
P-05X-ray nano-CT and TEM-EDS Analyses of Impact Melt Splashes on Ryugu SamplesM. Matsumoto
P-06Comparison of Thermal Diffusivity between Ryugu grains and Carbonaceous ChondritesT. Ishizaki
P-07Spatial relationship between macromolecular organic matter and organic-bearing phyllosilicates in Ryugu grainT. Matsumoto
P-08 Analysis of a thermal correction method for the MIRS infrared spectrometer: preparation for the future observations of the Martian moons Phobos and DeimosG. David
P-09A Comparative Carbon-XANES and -EELS study of Organic Material from Asteroid 162173 Ryugu and IvunaH. Changela
P-10Non Destructive Analyses of (Extra-) Terrestrial Materials by Combining Digital Optical Microscopy with LIBS (Element Analyses) and Micro Raman Spectroscopy – A New ApproachV. Hoffmann
P-11Study on Similar Continued Organic Life Systems on the Rocks of Water Planet EarthY. Miura

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