Astromaterials Science Research Group (ASRG) has two major roles: i) management of Extraterrestrial Sample Curation Center (ESCuC) that conducts the curatorial work of the JAXA's return samples, and ii) leading the planetary material sciences at JAXA. See "Research Activities" in detail.


  • USUI Tomohiro
    Professor, Manager of Astromaterials Science Research Group

    Promoting research activities of ASRG, managing the curation of "HAYABUSA", "HAYABUSA2" and beyond as a director of the Extraterrestrial Samples Curation Center (ESCuC).

  • ABE Masanao
    Associate Professor, Technical Area Chief

    A member of launching of ESCuC and receiving "HAYABUSA" sample.
    "HAYABUSA2" spacecraft operation and the Sampler team.
    Coordinating "HAYABUSA2" sample acceptance and planning subsequent distribution work.

  • OKADA Tatsuaki
    Associate Professor

    "HAYABUSA2" spacecraft operation.
    Introducing MicrOmega to the "HAYABUSA2" clean chamber.
    Developing equipment for future planetary probes.

  • SUZUKI Shino
    Associate Professor

    How did life on Earth emerge, adapt, and evolve? Is it possible for life to emerge and survive on the other planets? I try to answer these questions by unraveling the microorganisms that live in extreme environments similar to the early Earth, Mars, and ocean worlds.
    As a member of ASRG, I am in charge of microbial contamination control and microbial monitoring of ESCuC.

  • YADA Toru
    Associate Senior Researcher

    A member of launching of ESCuC and receiving "HAYABUSA" sample.
    Leading "HAYABUSA2" sample curation, as the representative curator of ESCuC.
    Research Theme: earth descent process of cosmic dust

  • NISHIMURA Masahiro
    Associate Senior Researcher

  • SAKAMOTO Kanako
    Associate Senior Researcher

  • HAYASHI Tasuku
    Aerospace Project Research Associate

    Research Themes: development of a High-Energy-Resolution X-ray Spectrometer System towards microanalysis of astromaterials

  • YAMAMOTO Daiki
    Aerospace Project Research Associate

    Research Themes: oxygen isotopic exchange in the protosolar disk

  • FUKAI Ryota
    Aerospace Project Research Associate

    Analyzing element abundance and isotope ratio of "HAYABUSA2" sample as a member of the Initial Analysis team.
    Research Themes: Formation of carbonaceous chondrite parent body

  • ISHIZAKI Takuya
    Aerospace Project Research Associate

    I specialize in thermophysical properties (thermal diffusivity and thermal contact resistance) measurement engineering. I will develop instruments for curation, which is a non-contact measurement of the thermal diffusivity of small irregularly shaped samples, and develop components for future asteroid exploration.
    Research Theme: Development of spectroscopic telescope and microscopic infrared cameras for measurement of thermophysical properties of planetary materials

    Specially-appointed Professor

    I am a cosmochemist who is interested in the origin and early evolution of the Solar System. I would like to know what was responsible for making diverse Solar-System planets, including the Earth.

  • SUGAHARA Haruna
    Specially-appointed Assistant Professor

    My research interest is the evolution of organic molecules in the universe and their roles in the emergence of life on the Earth and other extraterrestrial bodies. In Martian Moons eXploration (MMX) mission, I am responsible for the contamination control of the samplers, curation, and sample analysis.

  • NAKATO Aiko

    I am involved in the preparation for receiving the HAYABUSA2 sample, and working for the on-site acceptance.
    I am in charge of the detailed description of HAYABUSA2 returned sample.
    Research Themes: Dehydration process of hydrous carbonaceous chondrites

  • MIYAZAKI Akiko

  • YOGATA Kasumi



  • YAMAMOTO Shoko
    Contractor: administration

  • KUMAGAI Kazuya
    Contractor: technical support

  • HATAKEDA Kentaro
    Contractor: technical support

  • SOEJIMA Hiromichi
    Contractor: technical support

  • HITOMI Yuuya
    Contractor: technical support