In December 2020 the Hayabusa2 spacecraft returned a sample of Ryugu to Earth. This year, Hayabusa 2021 will become an epoch-making symposium because the results of Ryugu samples will appear for the first time there.
In order to synchronize with current results of planetary material sciences, this symposium will be jointly held with “The session of Antarctic meteorites in the 12th Symposium on Polar Science (44th Symposium on Antarctic Meteorites)”

   Let us join and set a prospective to the future solar system science driven by these topics with this symposium!

Topics (planned)

  • First results of Ryugu samples
  • Future sample-return and planetary missions
  • Studies of Itokawa samples
  • Asteroid-meteorite connections and in particular Ryugu and carbonaceous chondrites
  • New insights from laboratory analysis of solar system materials
  • Small bodies formation and evolution by theoretical, observational, and experimental studies
  • Other related studies

Invited speakers

under consideration

Important date

Date of Symposium 15 Nov. - 18 Nov. 2021 (jointly held with Antarctic Meteorites Symposium)
Call for abstract Early August, 2021
Abstract submission due Late September, 2021
Release of programs TBD
Release of abstracts TBD

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