The Hayabusa2 spacecraft has returned the capsule to Earth, followed by the initial descriptions of the Ryugu sample, and the in-depth analyses are on-going. Thus, the main topics for this time are quick looks of the sample descriptions and analyses in relation to remote-sensing and surface measurements achieved by Hayabusa2, as well as the multi-scale science by the observations from global, local, to micro-scales, planned by JAXA and other space agencies.
In order to synchronize with current results of planetary material sciences, this symposium is jointed with “The session of Antarctic meteorites in the 12th Symposium on Polar Science (44th Symposium on Antarctic Meteorites)”

   Let us join and set a prospective to the future solar system science driven by these topics with this symposium!

Topics (planned)

  • First results of Ryugu samples
  • Future sample-return and planetary missions
  • Studies of Itokawa samples
  • Asteroid-meteorite connections and in particular Ryugu, Bennu and carbonaceous chondrites
  • New insights from laboratory analysis of solar system materials
  • Small bodies formation and evolution by theoretical, observational, and experimental studies
  • Other related studies

Invited speakers

  • Hisayoshi Yurimoto
  • Tomoki Nakamura
  • Takaaki Noguchi
  • Hikaru Yabuta
  • Hiroshi Naraoka
  • Ryuji Okazaki
  • Motoo Ito
  • Eizo Nakamura
  • Toru Yada
  • Cedric Pilorget
  • Harold Connolly Jr.
  • Wataru Fujiya
  • Aurore Hutzler
  • Eri Tatsumi
  • Daniella DellaGuistina
  • Maximilian Hamm
  • Vicky Hamilton
  • Queenie Chan
  • Maitrayee Bose
  • Toru Matsumoto
  • Ashley King
  • Daniel Glavin
  • Dunyi Liu

Important dates

Date of Symposium 16-17 November, 2021 (Hayabusa 2021 Symposium)
18 November, 2021 (Joinly held with Antarctic Meteorites session in NIPR Symposium)
Abstract submission start 11 August, 2021
Abstract submission due
1 October, 2021
8 October, 2021
Release of program 15 October, 2021
Release of abstracts (only for registered participants) 1 November, 2021
Registration due 12 November, 2021. 5:00PM (JST)

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