• Oral Presentation

You can use your own laptop PC for the presentation.
Please ensure that the connection works prior to the session.

  • Poster Presentation

Poster sessions for all posters presented at the symposium will be held in the Entrance Hall on the 1st floor of the NIPR. Each poster can be displayed for two days, including the core time for each poster session. The poster board dimensions will be 1170 mm (horizontal) by 870 mm (vertical). The height of the top will be 1800 mm above the floor. The boards are intended for landscape type posters. However, portrait type posters can be displayed as well if their horizontal width is no more than 1170 mm.


The program of Hayabusa 2017 (pdf file)

The program of Antarctic meteorites session is as follows (external link);

If you would be interested in, the whole program of The Eighth Symposium on Polar Science is as follows (external link);

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