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Hayabusa 2022 symposium!

Hayabusa 2022 symposium was held on November 15-17 in a hybrid format (at Sagamihara campus) and online. Over 200 people (approximately 80 people on site and over 100 people online) attended the symposium from all over the world, and we had fantastic lively discussions on the latest results from the solar system fields centering around the Hayabusa2 returned samples, and update on the future missions. Please check some photos from the symposium posted on the Hayabusa 2022 symposium website (

We plan to host the Hayabusa symposium next year as well, and hope to see you all again with the exciting research results!

Last but not least, we would like to thank all the attendees who contributed to make this year’s symposium a successful conference, and people who are involved in Hayabusa 2 projects.

Hayabusa 2022 symposium
Hayabusa 2022 symposium