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【Research Highlights】 Development of Ryugu Sample Database System (RS-DBS) 

 The Ryugu sample catalog, launched online in 2022, presents a list of all samples with analytical data such as microscopic images, size, weight, spectral data, and shape models obtained through initial description at the JAXA curation facility. It was developed based on the Itokawa Sample Catalog (

 We have designed the catalog to show Ryugu samples graphically, aiming to maximize its research potential for researchers while making it accessible and engaging for the general audience.

 This paper provides a comprehensive overview of the database, focusing on the significance and structural framework, and the summary of research data listed within. You can explore more at the Ryugu Sample Catalog (

1) Screenshot image of the Ryugu Sample Database System (RS-DBS). RS-DBS shows Ryugu particles with unique identification (ID) numbers together with selected analytical results (microscopic image, mass, FT-IR, MicrOmega, multi-band spectroscopy, and stereo imaging). Users can sort the center table in blue square and select samples for a specific item and mass and size range.  2) Components and workflow of the RS-DBS.

<From the primary author – Associate Senior Researcher, Mr. Nishimura>
We aim to create a comprehensive catalog in collaboration with everyone. For instance, we've made some changes based on feedbacks like “we can't view the catalog on cell phones because image data are too large”. While there's still a room for improvement, we kindly ask for your continued support.

Mr. Nishimura
Associate Senior Researcher
Mr. Nishimura

Original article:

Journal:  Earth, Planets and Space
Title:  Ryugu Sample Database System (RS-DBS) on the Data Archives and Transmission System (DARTS) by the JAXA curation
Author:  Nishimura, M. et al.
DOI:  10.1186/s40623-023-01887-4
Published:  September 1, 2023

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