Hayabusa2 had successfully finished the Earth swing-by and is flying toward the target asteroid, Ryugu. NASA will launch OSIRIS-REx to return samples from Bennu this year, and ESA has almost completed Rosetta around comet 67P C-G.

  Hayabusa return samples have been examined by in-depth researches in 1st to 3rd AOs. This time we would like to feature the organized sciences between remote-sensing and planetary materials as well as to review the sciences from Hayabusa-returned samples. Additionally, this symposium is jointed with the 39th Symposium on Antarctic Meteorites, which is detailed in the following URL.

  Let us join and set a prospective to the future solar system science driven by these topics with this symposium!


  • Organized science between remote-sensing and material science for Hayabusa2,
  • OSIRIS-REx, and Rosetta missions
  • Studies related to Hayabusa samples
  • New insights from solar system material analysis
  • Prospect of solar system evolution by theoretical, observational and experimental studies
  • Technique and methodology of sample analysis

Important date

Date of Symposium November 29 – December 2, 2016
Abstract submission due September 9, 2016

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