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Since the return of samples from Itokawa by Hayabusa in 2010, the preliminary examinations followed by studies selected in the 1st International Announcement of Oppotunity (A/O) have been performed. Now is the right time to review these results as a whole. Furthermore, multiple asteroid sample return missions are in progress, implying that science of returned samples is becoming one of the key components of planetary science. Now is the right time to set a perspective on the driving force that returned samples will give to the future of solar system science. It in these spirits that the workshop "HAYABUSA 2013: Symposium of Solar System Materials" is designed.


We welcome the presentations on the followng topics:
  • Results from Hayabusa sample analysis
  • New insights from solar system material analysis
  • Perspectives of solar system evolution by
    theoretical, observational and experimental studies
  • Technique and methodology of sample analysis
  • Other related studies

Important date

  • Call for abstract : 16 July 2013 (modified)
  • Abstract submission due : 17:00 (JST) 23 August 2013 (extended)
  • Proceedings due : 31 December 2013

Potential Speakers
(PIs of selected proposals in 1st Intl. A/O):

Noriko Kita, Takaaki Noguchi,
Akira Tsuchiyama, Tomoki Nakamura,
Henner Busemann, Kunihiko Nishiizumi,
Takashi Mikouchi, Falko Langenhorst,
Wataru Fujiya, Keisuke Nagao,
Lindsay Keller, Fred Jourdan,
Evelyn Fueri, Cecile Engrand,
Thomas Zega, Monica Grady,
Hugues Leroux

LOC : Extraterrestrial Sample Curation Team (ESCuTe) of JAXA