Accepted proposals of the Ryugu Sample 1st AO


Alessandro MaturilliDLRBridging the gap - linking remote sensing, in-situ and laboratory spectroscopy
Bernard MartyCNRS/Univer site de LorraineExploring the heterogeneity of noble gas and nitrogen in Ryugu samples
Cyrena Anne GoodrichLPI, USRA-HoustonRyugu and the Diversity of CI-like Materials in the Early Solar System
Danielle Ziva ShulakerLawrence Livermore National LaboratorySnapshots of our origins: The pre-solar to post-planetary formation epoch of the Solar System
Elena DobricaUniversity of HawaiiCoordinated micro- and nano-analyses of phyllosilicate matrices and carbonates in Ryugu samples using FIB-TEM and SIMS techniques
Emmanuel DartoisInstitut des Sciences Moleculaires d'ORSAYSubmicron combined Analysis of Ryugu samples. Comparison with micrometeorites.
Francois-Regis Orthous-DaunayUniversity Grenoble AlpesSearch for multiple sources of organic molecular complexity
Frank E. BrenkerGoethe University FrankfurtIn depth REE and trace element study of Ca-rich phases by means of synchrotron XRF
Frank WombacherUniversitat zu Koln/GermanyElemental composition by ICP-MS: Ryugu sample heterogeneity and direct comparison to CI chondrites
Hajime YanoJAXA/ISASEvaluation of Material Modification and Collection Biases for Micrometeorite Samples in the Terrestrial Environment with Indigenous Asteroidal Samples
Hassan SabbahIRAP, Universite de Toulouse, CNRSThe origin and evolution of large carbonaceous molecules in our solar system
Hiroharu YuiTokyo University of ScienceLower frequency & fluorescence-reduced Raman scattering imaging of sulfides, phyllosilicates, carbonates, and carbons on Ryugu surfaces for their chemical states analyses
Hitesh G ChangelaJIPC, Czech Academy of SciencesInvestigating the Evolution of Macromolecular Organic Material from Asteroid 162173 Ryugu
Imene KerraouchInstitut fur Planetologie, University of Munster/ NASA JSCResearch on C1-related material: Ryugu samples in comparison to C1 extraterrestrial lithologies.
Jerome AleonIMPMC, MNHN, CNRSRyugu's insights on the origin of water in planetary materials
Jerome GattaccecaCEREGE, CNRSA wide magnetic survey of Ryugu samples
Jose Carlos AponteNASA, Goddard Space Flight CenterCharacterization of cyanide in Ryugu: A deadly precursor of life on Earth
Joseph L KirschvinkCaltech, USA/ Kochi University, JapanA search for magnetic monopoles using the unique opportunities provided by the returned samples from asteroid Ryugu
Kentaro TeradaOsaka UniversityIn-situ analysis of U-Th-Pb systematics of Ryugu apatite: Chronological search for traces of subsequent alteration
Ko HashizumeIbaraki Univ.Volatile evolution in primitive asteroid Ryugu deciphered from in-grain multi-volatile distribution studies including nitrogen isotope
Kunihiko NishiizumiSSL, Univ. of California, BerkeleyStudy of exposure history of Ryugu surface
Larry R NittlerCarnegie Institution of WashingtonNanoSIMS isotopic characterization of presolar and organic materials in Ryugu
Lydie BONALIPAG (Grenoble, France)Investigation of the N-bearing materials in Hayabusa2 samples
Maitrayee BoseArizona State UniversityCharacterization of Organosulfurs to Constrain the Thermal and Chemical History of Ryugu
Marco FerrariInstitute for Space Astrophysics and PlanetologyInvestigating the ammonium-bearing phase in Ryugu samples and tracing the evolution process of C-type asteroids
Mehmet YesiltasKirklareli UniversityNanoscale Characterization of Organic Matter and Mineral Species in Hayabusa2 Samples
Michelle ThompsonPurdue UniversityUnderstanding Space Weathering of Samples from Asteroid Ryugu
Nicholas Erik TimmsCurtin UniversityWhere does mineralogical and isotopic heterogeneity of Ryugu samples meet monotonic solar chemistry?
Queenie ChanRoyal Holloway University of LondonWater and organics of Ryugu
Rosario BrunettoIAS, CNRS, Universite Paris-SaclayEvolution processes of Ryugu, from aqueous alteration to space weathering
Scott Alan SandfordNASA Ames Research CenterInfrared Spectral Mapping Study of Organics in Ryugu Samples
Seiji SugitaUniversity of TokyoMicroscopic optical spectrophotometric mapping of Ryugu samples and comparison with composition distribution and space weathering experiments
Takaaki NoguchiKyoto UniversityA combined study of space weathering of the asteroid Ryugu
Takahito OsawaJapan Atomic Energy AgencyPrecise determination of elemental composition for asteroid Ryugu using prompt gamma-ray analysis
Takashi MikouchiUniversity of TokyoMineralogy of Ryugu samples: Tracking progressive alteration processes
Tom ZegaUniversity of ArizonaConstraining the Origins of Ryugu Sulfides Through Micro to Atomic-Scale Analysis of Hayabusa2 Particles
Toru MatsumotoKyoto UniversityInvestigation of the space weathering features of asteroid Ryugu and its parent body
Trevor R IrelandUniversity of QueenslandA volatile history of Ryugu
Wataru FujiyaIbaraki UniversityThermal history and internal structure of the Ryugu parent body constrained from petrological observation, isotope compositions, ages, and theoretical modelling
Yoshio TakahashiUniversity of TokyoSpeciation of nitrogen, iron, and carbon by X-ray spectroscopy to reveal the origin and evolution of asteroid Ryugu